Thank You Again Super Food!


Thank You Again Super Food!


  In the summer, we always have one item sitting in the freezer. Do you remember that I talked about it last summer? (See my blog on August 22 & September 21, 2021.) Yes! My super food for summer —  Gari Gari Kun!


  This year again, Gari Gari Kun helped us to live through1 the summer. I can’t make it2 without it. After a day of scorching3 heat, it was so soothing4 to have Gari Gari Kun at night or sometimes in the afternoon when we needed to boost5 our energy to keep working until night.


  After experiencing how great it was to have Gari Gari Kun around us, now it’s our habit to check what flavors of Gari Gari Kun they have whenever we go into a store.


  Last summer we tried the pear flavor, the "adult" pink grapefruit flavor, the "adult" golden pineapple flavor and the strawberry flavor.


  This summer’s line-up was …



  Mango, "Adult" la France, "Adult" pink grapefruit, plum and pear.

  Everything is fun, but I guess "adult" pink grapefruit and pear are our favorites.



  They are not ice "cream", just really fine6 shaved7 ice in a popsicle8 kind of textured hard outer shell. This exquisite combination of two textures gives our mouths a lot of fun, and its nice and fresh, light texture quenches our thirst and cools our body which holds the heat all day.


  Now I remember that last September, to fight with the side effects9 of the vaccination (in my case, mostly a headache and a slight fever), I bought a lot of Gari Gari Kun and put them in the freezer. I can’t forget how happy I was eating Gari Gari Kun in bed. 


  Ah, oui! (Yeah!) There is a video of one of my favorite French YouTubers, Bebechan,  introducing Gari Gari Kun on his YouTube channel. I’m sure you will enjoy it. Here is the link:

  (It starts around 45 seconds.)



  Anyway, this summer it saved us again! Thank you!


  p.s. We haven’t found the lucky stick that gives us one free one yet!




1 live through ~ : ~切り抜ける
make it : (やろうとしていることを上手くやり遂げる
3 scorching : 焼け付くような
4 soothing : 気持ちを落ち着かせる

5 boost  : ~を押し上げる
6 fine :
◆7 shaved : 薄く削った
8 popsicle : アイスキャンディ
9 side effects : 副作用

































































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