We Are with You!


We Are with You!  

  This week-end, it was really hot! It’s nice to see some blue sky between rainy days. However, I have one big concern1 when we have summer-like weather like this (apart from my migraine2!). That is a lonely swan who lives in the Hirose River. 
  Every morning my day starts by checking out how that beautiful white bird is doing across the river. She has a hurt3 wing so when the other swans flew back to Siberia at the end of March she had to stay here by herself.
  When she was with the other swans during the winter (the truth is I don’t know if it’s a he or a she), she was near the Hirose Bridge, but now she has chosen to stay just across from4 our house. Maybe it is less noisy and she can enjoy a quiet life over here. From my room on the 2nd floor, I can always see her sitting on the bank5 across the river. I also see other birds like ducks occasionally6 visit her and sometimes she chases other birds away7 when she doesn’t feel like socializing8.
  Anyway, so far9 the temperature has not been so high, so it is still livable10 for the swan. However, for sure the hot summer will come. I’m worrying about her. Even now when it’s sunny, she sits right in the sun even though there is some shade near her.
  There is nothing we can do, of course, but there are so many people who care about her, bring food and keep an eye on11 her. I hope she will be OK. I hope she can find a way to live in the summer comfortably12. Your family will come back in November!!
1 concern : 心配事
migraine : 偏頭痛
◆3 hurt : (過去分詞)傷ついた
4 across from ~ : ~から(川や道路など越えて)反対側
5 bank : 土手、岸
6 occasionally = sometimes
7 chase ~ away : ~を追い払う
8 socialize : 周りと仲良くする
◆9 so far : = lend
◆10 livable : 住んでいける
◆11 keep an eye on ~ : ~を見守っている
◆12 comfortably : 快適に

4 across the river と言ったら「川の向こう側」、across from our houseと言ったら「家から“何かを隔てた”反対側」と聞こえます。その何かが言葉で表現されてなくても、状況から何があるかは明確!今回は“川”です。
12(発音注意!)ついつい or がきれいに発音できますとやりたくなるところですが、アクセントは前の com の o に付いています。ということは or は schwa(あいまい母音)になりますからrの音も出なくなります。イメージ的には「カンファタvリー」ぐらいの感じです。cf. information も同じ理由で「インファメイシャン」というイメージです。
























































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