The Recent House Project


The Recent House Project

  I haven’t talked about our house project for a long time, but this time we worked on the kitchen floor once again. I checked my past blogs and I found the blog talking about the kitchen floor dated1 August 18, 2013. Wow! — it’s been 10 years! No wonder2 the floor tiles were looking old.

  Often it’s true that we need a reason to jump on3 a project which we are postponing4
. This time it was our friend’s visit. He finally could visit us from California after Covid-19.
  Me and Will were talking about resurfacing5 the kitchen floor in the last couple of years, but we couldn’t find the materials at the store for a long time. Luckily just before our friend’s visit, the materials that we had been waiting for came back to the store shelf.
  We did the same checker pattern as before. We decided to put the new floor tile layer on top of the former floor tiles. Even though we struggled with6 the edges, now we have a nice new floor and we are happy. Ta-da!7

  Not only that but I quickly changed the window screen8 of the landing9 of the stairs. Actually on the day our friend came! While Will went to Sendai Station to pick up our friend, I did it. I had been staring at the old dirty window screen for the last 2 years, but I was able to do it in 10 minutes! Having a guest is a great motivation for taking action10!





1 dated ~ : ~の日付が付けられた
◆2 no wonder : 安堵
3 jump on ~ : ~に取り掛かる
◆4 postpone : ~を延期する
5 resurface ~ : ~の表面を再度きれいにする
6 struggle with ~ : ~に奮闘する
7 ta-da : ジャーン
8 window screen : 網戸
9 landing : 踊り場
10 take action : 行動を取る










































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