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An Update of the Guitar Project

  An Update of the Guitar Project          I mentioned1 about the guitar project that Will and my French teacher are doing on this blog dated back2 on May 15. Slowly but surely3 it has been progressing and now it’s getting close to4 the end.     It is of course custom-built5, [...]

◆Like Gems

  They Are Like Gems       Recently, I’m like a jeweler1. Look! I often make these at home. They are called Kohaku To — literally translated, Amber2 Sugar, but I think they should be called "Candy Crystals3" !       Requested by the youngest member of the family, I started trying, referring [...]

◆A Surfer Came Back!

  The Surfer Came Back!        I’ve been waiting for this! Finally, I came across1 a surfer figure2 at the dollar store.     Starting last summer, I have been enjoying making some story in the sink on the top of the water tank in the bathroom. ( I talked about it in [...]

◆Another Artsy Sunday

  Another Artsy1 Sunday        I haven’t reported yet that we had another fun Sunday. Sorry, it has been 2 weeks since then. f(=_=;) Yes! We went to the Handmade Fair of Oyakushi-san at Yakushi-do, which I mentioned at the end of the last blog.       It was SO MUCH FUN to visit there, [...]

◆Our Sunday

  Our Sunday       This Sunday, it was really hot and muggy, wasn’t it? However, we had a nice Sunday. First, we took our dog, Ichigo, to the vet and came back home. Then, we had a late breakfast with English muffins, which is our regular Sunday breaky menu.      After that, [...]