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Tasha Lives in a New House!

  Tasha Lives in a New House!         Ta-da! Tasha has got a new cozy1 place2 for herself. Now it’s her favorite place. She can stay in there3 all day long.     The idea of making a cat house suddenly came to me when I saw a cardboard box4 in the [...]

◆Our Repainted Business Sign and a Little Accident!

  Our Repainted Business Sign and a Little Accident!       We are now on a restart-our-life campaign. We started working in our garden, re-organized some plants around the front door to welcome our students, and I repainted our business sign.     Since I made the sign with wood and want to keep [...]

◆House Project This Fall

  House Project This Fall     This time, it was the staircase1 again! But just one long step.     I started the project during Silver Week, but I was only able to get started. Maybe because of the long and severe summer heat, I was out of sorts2, sort of, (believe it or [...]

◆House Project, Summer 2019(2)

  House Project, Summer 2019(2)     The second half of the story continuing from the former1 blog…     The idea of replacing2 the carpet on the second floor had been hanging around3 in our minds since 2 years ago when we changed the carpet on the first floor. (You can find my blog [...]

◆House Project, Summer 2019(1)

  House Project, Summer 2019(1)       Every time we have a long break, it’s our tradition to "attack" somewhere in our house. I mean not destroy something but to improve some part of the house.     During this Obon break, first, to tell the truth, I was not really in the mood [...]