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After the Hard Day

  After the Hard Day          Last Friday I got the results of my CEFR French Exam which I took on June 5. Unlike the CEFR Spanish test DELE A2 which I barely1 passed(→see my blog on Feb. 29, 2020), this time I passed it no problem. I set my target low. [...]

A Fun Gadget

  A Fun Gadget              Look at this — a fun design and a fun color! Our friend left this fun thing at our house saying, "You guys1 enjoy yourself with2 this until we meet next time."       Do you have have any idea how to use it? You [...]


  Whew!      Another big earthquake! Were you OK?    I was in my room doing some after-work tasks. I grabbed1 my cat right away and held her in my arms2 (I managed it! That was my major worry). I kept my eyes on3 the heater since I couldn’t reach it quick enough4, but [...]

◆Puzzle after the Earthquake

  Puzzle after the Earthquake     It was a really huge earthquake, wasn’t it? However, it was so lucky that this time, unlike the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, it didn’t affect1 our life so badly2.     Anyway, after that, everybody was talking about cleaning up and how hard it was to get [...]

◆Thank You All

  Thank You All       Probably as everyone feels, this year was kind of1 strange because our lifestyles were forced to2 change and it seems that the year passed in the blink of an eye3.       We learned to live cautiously and prudently4. We learned to be patient. We learned to [...]